Home Land Environmental

Home Land Environmental focuses on well and septic testing, primarily working with realtors and real estate professionals to make sure every new home purchase goes smoothly. As they provide no remediation services, they can remain completely impartial.

Project Goals

Brand Awareness

It started with a simple idea, how well do you really know your home?

From there, along with the client, we theorized all of the minutia and little things that can go unseen, until they become a huge headache. These items, if they’re not caught early can truly be monstrous. This led us to the more ominous, “What’s Your Home Hiding?” The campaign has seen life across video through online ads, print placements in local real estate and home services publications, tag stickers, and yes, even Home Land’s holiday card had a sewage leak. Mold, sewage, water, and radon can be anywhere. View the video!

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