Urban Teachers

Urban Teachers is a non-profit founded to solve teacher inequality in underfunded neighborhoods. Kapowza’s partnership with Urban Teachers began in 2016. We’ve unified their brand, pushed new ideas, and brought their vision across strong print, video, and web campaigns.

Project Goals

Unifying a National Presence

The identity for Urban Teachers refreshed when they partnered with Kapowza. The brand lacked visual uniformity, resulting in inconsistent brand experiences and conflicting messaging. We worked to build a consistent visual message for the brand, while putting a focus on the individuals who make up Urban Teachers with a strong use of photography.

See our work on the Urban Teachers Website.

Representing their Mission

The identity centers on a ‘torch’ element that acts as a symbol for the brand. Each Urban Teachers city has a different torch associated with it. In addition to newer elements introduced, usage guidelines, various stationery, a website, web application, and videos were designed to unify the brand and further push its mission to solving teachers inequality.

Committing to Our Partnership

Throughout the partnership, we’ve created business cards, letterhead, brochures, slide decks, one-sheets, event badges, lapel pins, public transit advertising, web advertising, documentary and narrative video, Facebook Live productions and everything in between.

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