Northrop Realty

Northrop Realty is no stranger to emotionally gracing the airwaves. Following up on the success of last years Blue Box, we observe the memories that go into forming a home.

Project Goals

Creating Seamless Continuity

Rooms is shot as a series of well-crafted edits to form a seamless long take. We wanted to portray the home as a stationary entity through time while its inhabitants were growing and developing within it.

Showing the Process

For the creation of Rooms, we created a behind scenes documentary that observes our creative process. We wanted to give viewers an idea of what goes into creating a commercial on this level.

See our behind the scenes video of our production of Rooms.

Building a Tone

We went into rooms thinking about the nostalgia that is brought upon one when re-entering a significant building, or in this case, a childhood home. Each room has its distinct recollection, and every memory is a part of the house.

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