Rare Breed

Amazing startups are everywhere. You just need to find them. Rare Breed Ventures is a pre-seed fund that specializes in finding start-ups that are unlikely to get funding elsewhere.

Project Goals

Brand Identity

If you’ve met Sean, you’ve probably heard his spiel about how we built our business by helping others who were just starting out. Well, it’s true. Why? Did you think he was a liar?

Anyway, we’ve made it our mission to champion the emerging brands out there who need as much support as possible to get ahead. In that sense, we share a kinship with Rare Breed Ventures. They’re a pre-seed fund that invests in exceptional founders outside of large tech ecosystems. We were honored by the opportunity to help initiate a new phase for them, as a company, through the development of a new brand. We look forward to much more to come.

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