Pilon is a developer tool and collection of API-light commerce micro-services. They’re actively developing systems to allow developers & brands to build better e-commerce environments.

Project Goals

A Balanced Mark

The wordmark functions in two ways. The first comes from the blocky nature of terminal monospace fonts, which are present in the ‘P’ and ’n’ characters and balanced by the ‘i’ and ‘o’ characters. Secondly, the definition of the word––a bonus is given with a large purchase, a trade, or a cash payment–– ties into Pilon as an e-commerce tool, which relates to the services’ use.

Simplicity in Interaction

It was important that the design of Pilon's microsite appealed to advanced developers in the field. With this in mind, the design centers around airy and simple interactive visual elements to emphasize how lightweight and easy the product is to use. The addition of the animated gradient background helped provide visual interest and reinforce the brand.

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