It was us, dummies.

In better times, we considered becoming a coffee box delivery company to avoid costly tax bills. Unfortunately, we were able to figure out the tax bill but was left with our signature blend “Kapowzawowza”, a handful of branded mugs, and some unbranded boxes. We also had a ton of pre-paid postage that was set to expire, so we said, screw it - let’s

Project Goals

We Only Made 20 of These

In an age of digital ads, newsletters, and other temporary, fleeting ephemeral, the good ol’ fashioned tangible will never go out of style. While we delivered impactful direct mail pieces and branded pieces consistently for our clients, we wanted to do something a little different for ourselves, in order to celebrate this “well-planned” pivot to the world of custom coffee. 

Oh well, guess we’ll just stick with advertising.

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