Northrop Realty

The Northrop Team is no stranger to emotionally gracing the airwaves. We took the amusing road through exaggeration and technique to show that the team cares.

Project Goals

Attract a New Audience

Northrop Realty is the number one real estate firm in the country. They’re looking to attract younger, potential homeowners. We focused on creating empathy for those in unrestful living situations while positioning Northrop Realty as a solution to finding and owning a new home.

Relatability Through Exaggeration

At some point, we have all experienced noisy neighbors. We took this shared experience and exaggerated the memory by building a hydraulic bed that moved to the bass of the noisy neighbors.

Cohesive Sound

In creating a massive sound ecosystem, we reached out to our good friends at Studio Unknown. They worked to develop the various sound effects and background noise that brings Club Bed to life.

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