Beta City is an annual event put on by Betamore: a co-working, education, and community resource in Baltimore. As a sponsor of Beta City 2018, we contributed the design for the event’s signage, wayfinding, and map.

Project Goals

Unifying Brands

We contributed the design for the event in the form of a foldable pocket map & schedule, and various signage to help attendees find areas of interest. The work itself comes from Betamore’s, clean yet inviting vision for co-working and education. We applied this vision keeping with uniformity that was true to Betamore.

Clarity & Consistency

Betamore’s branding has evolved. Currently, their branding utilizes a consistent, simple identity with white space, emphasis on typography, and secondary color uses of green and blue. We believe it was best to push this vision to their annual celebration.

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